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Harlan Reinders - Station Manager/Engineer; Proverb for the Day
Pete Dake - Morning Light (morning drive) - Host, Local Events Production, Music Selection,
Fred Tscholl, Afternoon Drive - Host, Morning Light (morning drive),

Phyllis Reinders, Program Director
Phil Close, Accounting
Dave Quicker, IT
Pat Ghyselinck, Data Processing

We would appreciate if you could help us do ministry here in the Chippewa Valley by becoming a volunteer at WHEM. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at WHEM please contact...

Harlan Reinders

Volunteer positions filled: (see below)
- Bookkeeper, Phil Close
- Computer entry, Pat Ghyselinck
- IT, Dave Quicker

Volunteer positions that need to be filled: (see below)
- WBA reports

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